Introduction to EFT

Join me for a 3-hour introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). 
This will be a small group format, limited to 6 participants so register now to save your spot!
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Location: 1313 Vincent Place, Mclean, Virginia 22101
Cost: $95

EFT Certification Training

* IAHB Continuing Education Credits Available for Level 1, 2 and 3 Certification Workshops

Old Town Alexandria- Crowne Plaza

901 N. Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Old Town Alexandria is a beautifully preserved historic district located on the Potomac River waterfront. Minutes from Washington, D.C., Old Town Alexandria is conveniently located near the Ronald Reagan National Airport (10 minutes) and Dulles International Airport (40 minutes). It is also serviced by the King St.- Old Town Metrorail station, allowing visitors to get into DC within 
minutes. Old town offers some of the "best stores and galleries in the DC region" according to the Wall Street Journal and visitors can enjoy restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and parks. The nations capitol is just moments away, offering some the nations best (and free) museums, restaurants and sightseeing.

To receive IAHB Continuing Education Credits for certification trainings, 

be sure to select the "IAHB Continuing Education Credit" when registering ($50 charge).

Level 1 Training

Level 2 Training

July 19-20, 2014
Old Town, Alexandria
$395 ($445 to get CE credits)
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July 26-27, 2014
Old Town, Alexandria
$395 ($445 to get CE credits)
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Class Schedule

EFT Level I and Level II are two-day classes that take place over the weekends listed above. In Level I beginners can learn and explore tapping techniques while current practitioners can build their skills and confidence. It is a prerequisite for the Level 2 Workshop. The Level 2 Workshop moves you on through supervised practice to deeply explore EFT and sharpen your practitioner skills. The classes run Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-5:30 with a 1 hour and 15 minute break for lunch. We will also take a short break in the morning and afternoon. There are a few restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the training including Royal Thai, Teaism, Trader Joe's and Extra Perks Coffee Shop.

Class Content

 The class will cover the 8 modules below interspersed with demonstrations and break-out groups.


    Module 1:

History and Development of EFT
Stress: How it Affects the Body
Building Bridges from Existing Beliefs to EFT
The Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Rapid Healing
The Science Behind EFT
The Discovery Statement
 Module 2:

EFTs Full Basic Recipe
SUD or Subjective Units of Distress
Taking Shortcuts: Short Form of The Basic Recipe
Making Adjustments in Subsequent Rounds of EFT
Why EFT Doesn't Focus on the Positive First
 Module 3:

Measuring Progress
Daisy Chains of Issues
The Importance of Being Specific
Psychological Reversal & Secondary Gain
Cognitive Shifts & Exposure
Testing for Completeness
How Traumatic Events Imprint on the Brain
 Module 4:

The Generalization Effect
Handling Excessive Intensity
Disproportionate Responses to Emotional Stimuli
Finding the Words to Use
Cognitive Belief Shifts
 Module 5:

The Role of Insight in Personal Growth
Characteristics of Traumatizing Events
How Trauma is Reinforced in the Brain
 Module 6:

EFT for Traumatic Memories
Taking the Edge Off Excessive Intensity
The Movie Technique
Emotional Crescendos Within Remembered Events
 Module 7:

EFT for Aches and Pains 
Working with Physical Symptoms 
Collaborating with a Physician or Mental Health Professional 
What To Do When Self-Acceptance Is the Problem
 Module 8:

What To Do When EFT Doesn't Work 
EFT for Addictive Cravings 
Aspects of Addictions 
Borrowing Benefits 
The Personal Peace Procedure


 Module 9:

Participant Objectives for Level 2
Review of Foundational Concepts
 Module 10:

Introduction to the Gentle Techniques for Intense Issues
Tearless Trauma
Chasing the Pain
Sneaking Up on the Problem
Sneaking Away from the Problem
 Module 11:

Your Palace of Possibilities
Internalized Critics
The Writings on Our Walls
Clearing Limiting Beliefs
 Module 12:

Tables and Legs
Questions for Uncovering Core Issues
Testing with Questions and In Vivo Re-enacting
Core Issues and Physical Symptoms
Module 13:

Methods for Delivering EFT
Working over the Telephone or Skype
Module 14:

Tail Enders and Affirmations
Assessing Beliefs with the Validity of Cognition Scale
How To Uncover Tappable Issues in Tail Enders 
Module 15:

EFT in Groups
Giving Borrowing Benefits Instructions to a Group
Additional Tapping Points
Module 16:

Using EFT with Children
Age-appropriate Techniques
Surrogate Tapping
Scope of Practice
Informed Consent
The EFT Ethics Code

Goddess Blooming Workshop

Set Goals, Eliminate Blocks using EFT, Work through barriers and Stuck places in health, relationships, career, finances.  Become self expressed and joyful . . .

Email to reserve your space:

Your Heart's Desire Workshop

9 Week focus on reinventing yourself...Sonia Choquette, author of - Your Heart's Desire - has encouraged me to offer this workshop based on her book. Join me as I facilitate this group in a playful and creative way, incorporating guided imagery, affirmations, Emotional Freedom Techniques and music.

 Jan with Sonia - May 2008