Do I need a practitioner to get started with EFT?

Yes and No...

Yes. To use EFT for intense emotions and past overwhelming events, it is best to start with an experienced mental health practitioner.

No, you can use EFT as a simple stress reduction tool right now. Download the instructions, read the informed consent message and click on the introductory tapping video.

How can I learn more?

Choose the approach that works best given the resources you have available at this time.

  • Individual Sessions- Individual work with a practitioner is a great way to get started and is highly recommended, especially if you have never done any form of personal work or therapy, or if you have, or suspect, significant unresolved issues from your past.
  • Groups- Check the description of the group.
  • Workshops- Some workshops are appropriate for beginners. Check the workshop description. EFT Level 1 workshops are recommended for beginners and those experienced in using healing modalities as a practitioner. Workshops are experiential, but they are not ideal for working on serious issues, but can accompany personal work.