Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Click here to see my 2016 workshops and offerings. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in the Washington, DC area. I am available to work with clients in an individual, group or workshop setting. My work is informed by traditional and non-traditional education and experience. I use powerful stress reduction techniques including Emotional Freedom Techniques “EFT” and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing “EMDR” for quick, effective change.

I have studied personal growth techniques since my teen years and continue learning and researching new methods. I have supported, motivated and coached many on their journey. I look forward to working with you and clearing the path to the life you choose!

Upcoming EFT Workshops

** Contact me if you would like to repeat a course that you have already taken with me for a discounted fee.

July 22-23, 2017

 EFT Level 2 

 Residence Inn Old Town 
1456 Duke Street 
 Alexandria, VA 

 Cost: $400 (workshop only), $450 (workshop + continuing education credit) 

September 14-17, 2017

EFT Level 1 & 2

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 See cost on A.R.E. website

Issues that I have worked on with clients:

  • Relationships
  • Setting Goals and Reaching Them
  • Family, Parenting, Children
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Decision Making
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Overwhelm
  • Problem Solving
  • Troubling Emotions
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Balance and Priority
  • Finances
  • Sports Performance
  • Business Success
  • Career Decisions
  • Weight Loss
  • Physical Issues
  • Loss
  • Traumas
  • Fear, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression
  • Infertility
  • Personal & Business Mediations